The Kidsfest project is up and running since 2012 in Berlin. Our goal is to provide hope and to build futures, several projects in the area of child and youth work accomplish this in a accessible way. Furthermore Kidsfest Berlin is an official partner of Metro World Child, NYC.

At Kidsfest everyone is welcome and it´s absolutely for free. The program is oriented on kids aged four to ten, but as well younger or older kids participate regularly with their siblings or friends. The parents are also cordially invited to be there. The kids experience an action-filled program that activates, involves and inspires them.

Kidsfest consists of games, songs to sing and dance along to and a message with Christian values for the kids´ everyday life. That leads to a hope and a firm foundation in the childrens lives. Every child has the opportunity to win prizes and everyone gets a candy at the end – because no one leaves Kidsfest empty-handed.

Sites & Dates

Kidsfest starts again beginning 04/24/17 planned for the following sites until summer holidays:


Whole Team

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to see leaders, teachers and pastors raised up from all imaginable circumstances and being changed through an encounter with god. Then, they in turn will minister to the next generation.

The Kidsfest project is committed to providing hope and building futures. We are convinced that every person is precious and loved by God. Many children have never heard it before and that´s what we want to change. We meet them where they are and invest personally into their lives. We are presenting the gospel in a fun, accessible way. Thereby we are building foundations that lead to a hope, future and a responsible life.

We accomplish this in several ways:

  • Giving children an opportunity to encounter God´s love through our weekly programs in their direct neighborhood
  • Investing personally in the lives of the children. Children are precious and they should know that someone loves and cares about them.
  • Meeting needs like child poverty, violence, abuse and desperation effectively.


Everybody is welcome at Kidsfest - no matter which Religion or Beliefs, Origin, Colour of skin or Gender. As an Organisation we are part of the Diakonie (DWBO) and therefore we stand for a christian view of the world. We understand our mission is to communicate christian values that build a constructive treating of each other. We don't invite to become a member of any organisation. Our beliefs can be summarized like this:


We believe in the eternally existing triune God Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who made all things. His love to all humanity is consistent, unchanging and experiential for everybody.


We believe that Jesus Christ is God´s son. Through his death and resurrection a relationship with God and eternal life is possible for everyone.


We believe that the bible is God´s word for us, showing himself through it to every person. It is the chief authority for christian living and expedient in every life decision.


We believe that salvation is possible through grace only and not through own actions. It is free for everyone who decides for a life with God. This hope shows itself in the assurance that God is there for us even in hard times.


We believe in the spiritual unity of believers. We believe that Christians are called as God´s followers and through maintaining good works as testimony of their faith. That leads to a responsibility to share the message of Jesus, to invest into people in need and living a life according to biblical values.


We believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ and that every person who made a personal decision of faith will have eternal community with God.


Wir glauben an den ewigen, persönlichen Gott als Vater, Sohn und Heiliger Geist, den Schöpfer aller Dinge. Seine Liebe zu allen Menschen ist beständig, unveränderlich und für jeden erlebbar.


Wir glauben, dass Jesus Christus Gottes Sohn ist. Durch seinen Tod und Auferstehung ist eine Beziehung zu Gott und ewiges Leben für Jeden möglich.


Wir glauben, dass die Bibel Gottes Wort an uns ist, in dem er sich allen Menschen zeigt. Sie ist die maßgebliche Autorität für das Leben von Christen und zielführend in allen Lebensentscheidungen.


Wir glauben, dass Rettung allein durch Gnade möglich ist und nicht durch eigenes Handeln geschieht. Sie ist frei für jeden, der sich für ein Leben mit Gott entscheidet. Diese Hoffnung äußert sich in der Zuversicht, dass Gott auch in schweren Zeiten für uns da ist.


Wir glauben an die geistliche Einheit der Gläubigen. Wir glauben, dass Christen als Gottes Nachfolger berufen sind, durch beständige gute Werke Zeugnis von ihrem Glauben abzulegen. Das führt zu der Verantwortung, die gute Nachricht von Jesus weiterzugeben, sich für Bedürftige einzusetzen und ein Leben entsprechend biblischer Werte zu leben.


Wir glauben, dass Jesus Christus wiederkommt und dass alle Menschen, die eine persönliche Glaubensentscheidung für ihn getroffen haben in Ewigkeit Gemeinschaft mit Gott haben werden.


Every other week our teen meeting happens: A program like Kidsfest, but for older ones 12 and above. You'll be challenged in many ways and having a lot of fun and action with people your age. We'll pick you up at a Kidsfest Site and drop you off home until 8pm.

You can´t always choose the nice moments in life and now and then we realize that even the things that make us happy today are fading. So we are consistently searching for something new, for something that seemingly stays forever. Have you already found it? We don´t just want to invite you for a fun evening, but rather to an adventure with God.

He is the one who always remains and who wants to bless you with eternal joy. Don´t worry, it´s not about going to church every Sunday or memorizing the laws from the bible. It´s an adventure and they are well knowingly not boring. When you are interested just stop by Teens-Treff. We meet every other Saturday at 5pm at Hauptstraße 64, 13127 Berlin.


We are looking forward meeting YOU!

Latest News

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Thank you for all the generosity and support.  Every single contribution makes it possible for us to provide hope and build futures. There are several options:

Bank Transfer:
Transfer to the following account:
Kidsfest e.V.
IBAN: DE67520604100003904601

You can soon donate online quickly and easily using our secure giving form via PayPal or credit card.

Non-cash donations:
To enable the program weekly, we are always glad about non-cash donations just like children´s clothes, candy or toys. When you have additional questions we are at your disposal.

Get Involved

We need YOU!

By supporting and investing yourself you can make a difference in the Kidsfest- Project and directly in the lives of the children. We look for people who want to help weekly beside their academic training, study or job as a volunteer. Additionally we offer internships in full- or part time especially for educational training.

This is where you can be part of a great team, build friendships and invest and extent your abilities and talents. At the same time you get acquainted with our concept step by step by skilled and experienced staff. Be someone who shows kids you love and care about them. You want to experience something you´ve never experienced before? Then you have to do something you´ve never done before.

Are you interested? Do you have any questions? Get directly in touch with Tabea Peters:  tabea.peters@kidsfest.de or by phone: +49 178 845 65 93.


Kidsfest e.V., Warnitzer Str. 5, 13057 Berlin, Germany
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